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Hawaiian Koa




If you're looking for Beautiful Koa, you've come to the right place !

Curl or Fiddleback is a sign of Rare Koa !This picture below gives an  example of 4 grades of Koa,  Premium Curl to Select.  There are 2 examples of each Koa grade, so you can better see the wide range.

Hawaiian Koa is a very special and rare wood from the Acacia family. It was growing in Hawaii before any Hawaiians lived here!  There are a lot of false Koa woods for sale in other countries, don't be fooled, get the real deal from us!

It is available in many different levels of Curl and color! (See other picture below)

All prices are based on a board foot basis. The hardwood industry measures it’s wood by the term “board foot”.
    A board foot is equal to the Length times the Width times the Thickness and then divided by 144.  All measurements are made in inches.
The notation of 4/4 refers to the thickness of the wood, which is near 1 inch and 8/4 which is near 2 inches thick.

Key Benefits

  • The more curl Koa has, the more 3D (deeper, like a hologram) it gets!
  • Koa is a rare wood and adds value to anything made with it (curly Koa has a worldwide value)!
  • It's  eye catching beauty  will be enjoyed for years and years (Check out the picture below and our Koa Cabinets.)

Picture above shows more of our curly Koa. Pick a number and call Mark , but remember that curly Koa is very rare and in huge demand so boards sell a fast as they become available!

Yes, we can resaw your Koa to your specifications ! Do you make Ukuleles or Guitars!


Description SKU #   Price
Premium Full Curl Instrument grade PFCI Extreme curl and almost perfect vertical grain  $55.00 per Board Foot
Premium Full Curl PFC Super curly  and figured (semi vertical) $44.00 per Board Foot
Full Curl FC Curl through all the board, but not strong $29.00 per Board Foot
Select Curl SC Curl through only part of the board $24.00 per Board Foot
Select & Better SB No curl or figure $18.00 per Board Foot
1 Common 1C No curl and can have pin rot $10.00 per Board Foot

We have hundreds or satisfied Koa customers , so Contact us and we will answer all your questions!

Information Request Form

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

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If you don't get any response from the form ,please call Mark 808-329-2877 or e-mail us at:


There will be no refund on shipping costs on returned wood, so ask lots of questions , we'll  make sure you understand what you are purchasing! Because of the rarity of some of the exotic woods we carry prices are subject to change, without notice on website.

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